Meet the team: The people behind the service

Hometest is proud to deliver a first-class service to our customers, underpinned by a very efficient lab and logistics engine—all of which was up and running within a matter of weeks of opening.

This is entirely down to our incredible team, who came together from a mix of professional backgrounds from high-end hospitality to courier services. Read to learn a little more about a few of them: Klara, Sarah, and Tiago.

Klara: Customer Operations

1. What is your background and how does it help you in this job role?

I moved to London to study journalism and have stayed ever since, working in marketing before coming to Covid Home Test. I have completely supported myself since I started at university, including working in hospitality, which has given me a strong work ethic and helped me grow a thick skin. I worked with a lot of luxury businesses, which taught me what great service looks like. And my marketing background has been really useful, as while I am officially our Operations Manager I have also been very involved in CHT’s marketing work—including running our social media accounts.

2. What’s the best thing about working at Covid Home Test? 

The incredible team that I work with. Every single person is so intelligent and has such an interesting life story. They are compassionate, understanding, and dedicated to the job that they do. It is a real high point for me that I get to manage these people and allow everyone to work to their strengths.

3. Is there anything which is particularly challenging about your role? 

Keeping on top of changing government rules and regulations has been hard, as communication to test providers hasn’t always been great. For a while we would learn about changes to testing rules from the news, the same time as our customers!

It is also very difficult when customers take out their frustrations on my team. We saw that happen a lot more during lockdown, when a lot of people were very stressed. It’s usually for things out of our control—like people not wanting to believe their positive results, even though our tests are over 99% accurate and processed in a lab also used by the NHS. Having worked in hospitality I know not to take it personally, but for less experienced team members it can be really upsetting. 

Sarah: Sales

1. You run Hometest's sales team, but didn’t have sales experience until quite recently. What’s your background and how do you think it has helped?

My background is in hospitality, where I worked in a couple of front of house positions. I joined Covid Home Test in the Customer Service team, but then a vacancy came up in sales and I was invited to have a try. Things went well and I am now in charge of sales for the business! 

My experience is relevant because it has influenced how I approach sales. I don’t ever want to be pushy or try to get someone to buy something they don’t need – the idea of being a “sales shark”, that just isn’t me. I see my role as letting people know how we can support them, then working hard to take away as much of the burden of testing as possible. In that way it is a lot like hospitality—building strong, trusting relationships by providing a great service and being as helpful as you can. 

2. How does the Covid Home Test experience stand out from the rest? 

The level of customer service that we provide is amazing—every member of the team goes above and beyond for our customers and we are always available at the other end of a phone or email. A lot of my clients have come to us after bad experiences elsewhere, so I know this is something that sets us apart. 

We also offer a more bespoke service, especially for our corporate customers who often have special requirements. I build a relationship with them to the point where they can even call me on my mobile to ask questions or voice concerns. 

3. What have been the high points of working at Covid Home Test?

The best part of the job is building relationships with people, without a doubt. The pandemic has made it hard for people to feel safe or comfortable, especially if they are in a foreign country. Letting them know that I can help them get home is a special thing. 

It’s also great when I hear from someone that I was recommended to them by another customer, especially when I know that’s the result of building a good, trusting relationship over time. It makes me feel like I did a really good job, which makes the hard work worth it.

Tiago: Dispatch

1. What is your background and how does it help you in this role? 

I was born and raised in Brazil, where I studied to be an engineer and later worked for the government. When I moved to the UK, I worked in courier delivery, which is how I ended up at Covid Home Test. This helps because I know what it’s actually like to be a driver!

2. What role does your team play at Covid Home Test?

Dispatch is the link between customer service and drivers. We are responsible for making sure that our tests reach our customers when they are supposed to, and then get back to our lab to be processed. 

We plan the routes, allocate drivers, and work with them while they are on the roads to help with changes or problems. For example, sometimes we will have a late booking we hadn’t planned for, or traffic means a driver won’t be able to get to all their customers in time – so we need to change things. We have a very good record of meeting all our deadlines, but to do that takes a lot of work.

3. What have been the high points of working at Covid Home Test? 

I love every aspect of working in dispatch. Checking to see which tests are being delivered and where they’re going can be exciting, if not a little stressful on a Monday morning! We use cool software, which I really like using as it makes me feel organised and helps me do the best job that I can. 

However, the biggest high point for me has got to be the team. Being able to chat with them throughout the day makes everything much easier and more enjoyable.

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